web 2.0 semester test

I think that the most difficult project i had to do was the imovie project to do how confusing some of the controls are on it such as figuring out how to start the movie and how difficult it was to make a perfect movie to send in and how to email it but one of the things i did learn because of imovie is how easy it is for people to end videos that they created whether for their own personal use or posting said videos on websites such as youtube.


I think that the most beneficial thing i’ve learned is how to make and create my own website it will become a great and useful skill in the future like for instance if i wanted to advertise my business in the future whether it’s a restaurant or opening my own electric company service it would be a great way of getting it out their and getting people interested in said business.

I think web2.0 has made a great impact on my educational journey because of the various things it taught me such as making a website or blog how to create a movie and how to make advertisement like when we did the radio commercial project i’m pretty sure that everything i learned will help me later on in life although i do wish we had gone more into depth about other types of technology besides makey makey, sphero and little bits i think we should add something different such as how to make ads online to promote business.

Skype is a really big deal for Microsoft wanna know why? the reason why is because now their going to add a a free group video calling feature for windows 10 mobile which is the successor to the windows phone. this feature will be quite useful for both businessmen and businesswomen who are always on the go and will be able to skype with various business partner and co workers at the same time on one device.

thing 14 podcasts

I think that using podcasts in education sounds like a useful tool that can be beneficial to students who always use podcasts like for one example they could use a podcast of a book they have to read for an assignment one of the podcasts i subscribed to is called golden habits which is a podcast about trying to start making great habits that will help you succeed in life.

21st century conference thing 11

I think that the TED conferences like how Stewart Brand explained how it was possible to bring back extinct animals  https://www.ted.com/talks/stewart_brand_the_dawn_of_de_extinction_are_you_ready  Todd Kuiken explained how it was possible to have a prosthetic that can feel https://www.ted.com/talks/todd_kuiken_a_prosthetic_arm_that_feels and then theirs Paul Serano who created a great presentation to get college students interetested in digging fossils https://www.ted.com/talks/paul_sereno_digs_up_dinosaurs#t-1047819

Flickr thing 9

I think Flickr is amazing and great because it allows people all around the world to share picture with everyone who like flickr it’s especially great because the creative commons allows people to use content without having to ask for permission or worry about copyright laws i’ve also added 10 picture i’m going to use for a story where someone was driving when a storm was about to come when he decided to stop at a old mansion that was haunted and stays for the night.                                3056076295_79a771a905_o

thing 8 creative commons

I think it will change the way students learn and will be very effective in helping people succeed in the future although i’ve never used any of the open resources except maybe if i had to paste something for a project  i think it will affect the way students learn because if the creator of said content had a CC license the the student won’t have to worry about copyright laws and and have to ask for permission i think the responsibility is to make sure that the content is okay to use that way you won’t run into any problems later on i even use clips and picture when i have to do an assignment like on google slides i think it was okay to use them because if they weren’t on google images then we wouldn’t be able to use said images in the first place i even know how to share my original content online because after all i wouldn’t be blogging right now would i?.

thing 5

the weizmann wave is a great site where a person can share their opinions on the latest achievements and breakthroughs in science such as some scientist are trying to figure out how to use light for various things from writing  to using light to help cure diseases and sicknesses.

thing 6 web 2.0 tools

Some of the web 2.o tools a person can use are weebly which is a site that allows you to create your own website for free http://www.weebly.com/weebly/main.php and theirs storybird which allows people to write their own stories for people to see and read and people can comment on the art used to for the pictures in the stories the person is writing http://storybird.com/chapters/web-2o-1/?token=nt8sacrdtf these sites also allow you to post and create your own sites and stories http://josephhanson.weebly.com/ I think the learning value of these sites are important because they teach a student how to create something important to them that they can share with other people online.

thing 3 part 1

Hello my name is Joseph Hanson and i go to Hinton and one of the things i hope to learn in this class is learning how the web works and how to use web 2,o correctly one of the things i hope for the future is that i’ll be able to pass this class and that i’ll succeed later on in life when i graduate high school.